Retro Gas Pump
With the evolution of the gas pump the clock face pump started replacing the Visible pump. The calculator style pump was soon to follow.  Our reproduction regular pumps stand 7 feet tall and can be built with your favorite gas station theme. Memories of the Texaco Star Service and the Sinclair Dino are a few of the favorite themes.

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Real Parts?

All of the aluminum parts are cast from patterns made from an original gas pump.

These parts are cast at a foundry in the Atlanta, GA area.

The body panels are industrial grade factory color coated .040 aluminum. This is the same material used to make gas station awnings and stock car bodies.

Regular pumps weigh approximately 50 lbs and visible pumps are approximately 70 lbs.

All Retro Gas Pumps are fabricated and custom assembled at our shop located in Maroa, IL.

Gas Pump Details

Gas Pump Faces

You have a choice of a clock or calculator face. These faces are printed on high quality industrial vinyl.

Gas Pump Lighting

  • Regular Pump – The top globe and face plate are illuminated with a switch located on the side of the pump.
  • Pump uses 110 volt 2- 40 watt light bulbs which are included.

Casting Finishes

  • The hose connection, nozzle tunnel, and saddle have the rough cast aluminum finish.
  • The pump top and base are powder coated for durability.
  • The face frame and / or globe ring can be polished or powder coated depending on the customer’s design.
  • We use actual gas pump hoses and nozzles.

Gas Pump Signage

The signage on the front of your pump can be porcelain, tin, decals, or your own custom logo.

Globe Glass & Signage

The globe glass on your pump can be chosen from approximately 150 different designs. You can also create your custom logo or design!

Pump Placement

Our pumps are built to be displayed inside.  However, if an outdoor display is wanted there are options available at your request.  These options include wet weather wiring, stainless steel hardware, security screws, and base mounting brackets.

Pump Dimensions

Regular Pump – Stands 7 feet tall with a base of 18 inches x 18 inches.  This pump weighs approximately 100 pounds.


Shipping & Handling

Our pumps are fully assembled in two boxes, one for the top and the second for the base.  The boxes are palletized and shrink wrapped.

We do not charge for packaging or handling to you our customer for a regular or visible pump shipped in the continental US.  There may be additional costs for shipments outside the US.  All double pumps must be crated and there is an additional crating charge.

Our pumps are shipped by common carrier, please contact us for pricing and transit times.  Other forms of shipping are available upon request.

We ship to all locations in the US.  Shipping to a business address saves the price of a residential delivery.  Please note in most cases shipping to a residential location cost more than a business locations.  All residential deliveries require someone to be available to receive the shipment.

Please contact us for a shipping quote.

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